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Roger Waters concert reviews

Below is the compilation of Roger Waters concerts reviews from people who have attended their concerts.

have seen Waters twice at Phillips arena in Atlanta. I saw the Dark Side show and it was life changing. The first half was a series of hits and the Dark Side performance was flawless. I was really stoked for the Wall tour and showed up and the arena at best 3/4 full. It was a great show but it just had a really dark tone. Obviously the album is very dark. I’m sure seeing 2 full sets of Floyd songs will be pretty amazing. I think it’s probably a guarantee he plays the mega hits “Wish you were here”, “Shine On”, and “Comfortably Numb” and probably ties them together with a big theme. If you haven’t seen Waters this is a must see.


It was an out-of-this-world experience. No matter the location of your seats, it’s going to be a awesome time.


I would recommend this great show. I took a friend who I have known sense 2nd grade and he passed away in Aug of 2015. He loved going to see the Wall at the Tacoma Dome. I know if he were still with us he would want to go again to see US-Them. I ‘m can’t wait to see it. I know June 24th is a long ways away but I want to be their God willing.


The production value at all levels is masterful! This is a must see as the Wall has taken on a new meaning in world run by psychopaths.


We have seen Roger Waters live 3 times prior to this show & this show was just as amazing as all the others! The very talented wounded warriors along with Roger & other famous musicians made for such an excellent show! Throw in all the soldier’s stories and you were between cheers, tears, & awe! We are hoping to see this show again one day! Well worth the 4 hour drive through some HEAVY traffic to witness this show live! God bless our troops!


My wife and I traveled from New York to catch this show. Overall, the feeling I walked away with was that it was such an inclusive concert. That is, half of the musicians on stage were wounded veterans, while the other half were seasoned artists. It amounted to the perfect balancing act.

Great shredding by Tom Morello, vocals by Billy Corgan and Sheryl Crow and phenomenal emceeing by Roger Waters. Best money I’ve ever spent, and I’ve seen a lot of concerts in my day. This was special, and I was elated to be apart of this special evening.

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